A selection of my new publications:

July 2017: Evolving is featured in Ann Kullberg's Colored Pencil Magazine.



Explanatory notes on Evolving in
The Pencil Box - Featured Artists - July 2017:




My drawing "Fawn" is selected for Ann Kullberg's video "Art Showcase", March 2017.

INCITE 4, which includes two of my paintings, Flourishing and Cats-dala, is now available  (published October 2016).


"Squirrel in Winter" has been selected in the Light Space and Time Gallery "Animals" online Art Competition and received a

Honorable Mention, Juni 2017



"Squirrel in Winter" is featured in Ann Kullberg's video: "Art Showcase", December 2016.

Calendar 2017

Price: 28 € (35 € incl. shipping costs to USA). Size ca. 8"x12".

Please contact me if you want to order one. Thank you!

These paintings can be viewed in higher resolution in the Art Gallery on this homepage. Some of the paintings are competition winners, see below.

Colored Pencil Hidden Treasures 3, which includes one of my paintings, is now available (published 2016).

April 2015: Treasures of the Earth is published in Ann Kullberg's Colored Pencil Magazine.


November 2014: Winter Dream is published in

CP Treasures, Volume III, Colored Pencil Masterworks from Around The Globe.

My detailed Step-by-Step-Article about Rainbow Dawn is published in Ann Kullberg's Colored Pencil Magazine, November 2014

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